The "First Gemini" season begins on the 3rd of July

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The AlOjeiri Scientific Center announced on Saturday the start of a new summer season called "First Gemini" on July 3rd, which will last for 13 days.

Details from the Center's Press Release:

First Gemini Season:

  • This season is considered the third phase of summer in the Arabian Peninsula, during which the sun moves south towards the equator and is referred to in the solar and lunar calendar as "Al-Haqa."
  • The sun's intensity is at its peak during this period. The sun's movement, tilt, descent, and the return of shadows become noticeable after being directly overhead during the previous days, coinciding with the summer solstice.
  • During this season, the sun retreats from its highest point northward, and the night begins to gain more time from the day, a phenomenon known as "Al-Insiraf."


  • This term is associated with the onset of intense heat as the sun moves from the northern hemisphere and begins its descent and tilt. This period is also known as "Jamrat Al-Qaith" and is characterized by the entry of the "Bawarih" winds.
  • During the First Gemini season, daylight lasts for 13 hours and 59 minutes. On the first day of the season, the sunset and the evening prayer call reach their latest time of the year.