The sky of Kuwait will witness the (Second Quarter Moon) and the conjunction of Mercury and (Pollux) next Friday.

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The sky of Kuwait will witness two astronomical phenomena next Friday, according to AlOjeiri Scientific Center. These phenomena are the Second Quarter Moon and the conjunction of Mercury with the star Pollux.

Detailed Information:

Second Quarter Moon:

  • The moon will rise in the second quarter phase, accompanied by the planet Saturn, the "Pearl of the Solar System," after midnight.
  • Half of the moon's illuminated disk will be facing the sun towards the east, and then the moon will move westward until the scene disappears in the brightness of the morning twilight with the sunrise.

Conjunction of Mercury and Pollux:

  • Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system, will appear in conjunction with Pollux, the brightest star in the Gemini constellation.
  • This phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye in the western sky after sunset until about 9 PM.

Pollux is an orange giant star about three times larger than the sun and approximately 34 light-years away from Earth.