Spring ends and summer begins on the 29th of April, coinciding with the entry of (Al-Kanah)

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"KUNA - The AlOjeiri Scientific Center stated today, Thursday, that the country will witness the end of the spring season and the beginning of the 'Al-Kanah' season on the 29th of April, which marks the start of summer.

The center added in a press statement to the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) that the Al-Kanah season is one of the first signs of the end of the moderate spring season in Kuwait, lasting for 39 consecutive days divided into 3 types: 'Manazel Al-Qamar' (Moon Stations) - which are 'Al-Rasha' or 'Baten Al-Hout', 'Al-Shurutain', and 'Al-Batin', each lasting for 13 days.

It noted that with the onset of the Al-Kanah season, the sun's rays become intense, temperatures rise, and noticeable rapid changes occur, indicating that 'the entry into this season is a transitional phase from the spring atmosphere to the beginning of the moderate summer, where the weather becomes exhausting due to the increasing heat, in addition to the increase in the level of dust and its movement, and possibilities of rain.'

It pointed out that in the middle of 'Al-Kanah', the period of 'Sarayat' (thunderstorms) ends, which may witness sudden rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning, and sometimes hail.

During this season, the stars of 'Thuraya' disappear from sight before reappearing on the 7th of June according to the old calculation, marking the end of this season.

It mentioned that at the beginning of the season, bird migration begins, while its middle witnesses a rise in temperature, the end of the rainy season, and its conclusion with the forty days of intense heat and dryness, and an increase in temperatures."