Al Ojeiri Kids Calendar... the first of its kind in the world.

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Yousef Al Ojeiri told "Al Rai": "A special agenda allows children to record their notes, a collection of astronomical facts, and space for coloring." The Al Ojeiri Scientific Center has launched a child calendar to teach children about astronomy, timings, stars, agriculture, and general knowledge, aiming to enhance scientific and astronomical knowledge for different age groups.

In his statement to "Al Rai," the General Manager of the Center, Engineer Yousef Al Ojeiri said: "The purpose of the child calendar is to introduce children aged 4 and above to the beauty of astronomy, nature, agriculture, and some general information." He pointed out that it "is the first of its kind in the world."

Al Ojeiri mentioned that "the center has added to the child calendar a special agenda that enables children to record their notes, a collection of astronomical facts, and space for coloring, whether for planets, the sun, or the moon." He added, "The center, through the child calendar, is keen to add a special section of astronomical definitions, formulated in a way that is understandable and facilitates children's understanding of astronomy."

He continued, "The calendar also includes Gregorian and Hijri months and prayer timings, with space for coloring, aiming to encourage children to fulfill their religious duties and persevere in them." He noted that "the calendar dedicates a portion of the information to Kuwait, its history, climate, development, and prominent landmarks."

He pointed out that "information from the agricultural calendar has been added to encourage children to engage in farming and greening, linking it to seasons, weather, and climate."