موسم الذرعان يدخل بعد غد ونوعد خلاله فصل الربيع

تحميل المقال

"KUNA - The AlOjeiri Scientific Center stated that starting the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, there will be an observed increase in temperatures due to the continued unsettled weather conditions, coinciding with the onset of the 'Dharan' season, which lasts for 26 days.

The center added in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the 'Dharan' season is characterized by thunderstorms, which are one of its distinctive signs and represent a transient phenomenon throughout it. The angle of the sun is such that it directly heats the soil without heating the air, increasing the speed of the air currents before the hot air replaces the cold air, causing dust.

It noted that 'The period before the thunderstorms and the thunderstorms we are currently experiencing are an overlap between the 'Hamim' season, which ends tomorrow, Tuesday, followed by the 'Dharan' season, resulting in a series of climatic changes and unsettled weather.'

It clarified that during 'Dharan', changes in wind speed and direction are observed, adding that 'this season is divided into two segments, each lasting for 13 days, during which we bid farewell to the spring season.'"